Finding Flaws with Cars At Auction

WoodieThose that are on the hunt for a new vehicle may find exactly what they are looking for at an auction and at just a fraction of the price. This does not mean that serious mistakes do not happen though, and new owners may walk away with more than they bargained for. This is why everyone should understand the basics when it comes to hunting down flaws before a pink slip is signed.

Honestly Estimating Mechanical Know-How
While high-end classic auctions are going to have a variety of tools and services available to prospective buyers, not all auctions are like this. Those that are on the market for a new vehicle should honestly assess their own skills as well as their willingness to oversee more comprehensive repairs and replacements. Keywords such as “a rough idle” or “mileage not guaranteed” means that something more severe is taking place under the hood.

Make a Visual Checklist
Both government and public auctions tend to only allow visual inspections, and this means one must become adept at finding small signs that larger issues are taking place. For the body, this should include issues such as ripples on the panels, overspray, or uneven paint splashes that could indicate an accident. A closer look at the tires is another great place to get a good feel of the state of the vehicle and how much it was cared for. Worn or completely bald rims could mean that the vehicle was either left out in the elements or used to the point of being nearly inoperable. Buyers should also search under the vehicle for puddles or drips, note their color, and then attempt to get a good idea of any serious cracks or leaks. Searching out the VIN and matching it to other locations could also show what parts have been replaced. [Read more...]

Having a Vehicle Properly Inspected Prior to Purchasing At Auction

ClassicFor most people, purchasing a car is already a nerve-wracking experience. But, when the car in question is bought at auction, the stress is amplified. Buying a car at auction offers buyers reliable cars at a low price. While buying a reliable car at a low price certainly has its benefits, one of the main issues that most auction buyers have is verifying whether or not the car runs properly. Buying a car at a car auction means that buyers need to rely on their own visual inspection of the vehicle, as there is no other way to inspect the car before buying it. The below tips are useful in making the right decision at auction.

Look for Paint Overlay

One sure way to know that the car has gone through some form of repair is to look for paint overspray. Paint overspray is when the seller of the car has spray painted the entire vehicle or only the portions that have gone through repairs. The best way to notice this is to look for mismatched colors, uneven paint, and a non-quality finish over the color of the car. When purchasing a car at auction, choosing one without paint overlay is best as overspray tends to chip and come off easily.

Sheet Metal Repairs

Sheet metal is one of the cheapest ways to repair a damaged car that is suffering from some serious rust problems. When at auction, as you visually inspect the vehicle, look for repairs that have been performed with sheet metal. To install the sheet metal, the car owner formed a new piece of the car with the sheet metal and installed it using drills and liquid metal. In addition, Bondo filler is also placed on the car to keep the sheet metal intact and to hide any gaps. If you notice that an unusual patch of metal on the car, chances are sheet metal is the reason why. [Read more...]

How To Win A Car At Auction

DSCN7563Winning a car at an auction is an increasingly risky task. You don’t actually get to see the car and the overall field is a great deal more competitive. The amount of supplies has been greatly diminished and more dealers are interested in getting used cars from auctions than ever before. Luckily, there are a number of different ways that dealers now currently utilize in order to make the best decisions possible and increase the chances that a car will be able to be won at an auction.

Don’t Rely on the Local Auctions
The Dealership Innovation Guide has stated that dealers tend to use a great deal more than one or two wholesale auctions. This is because limiting yourself to one or two auctions that are in the area will increase their chances of getting the necessary inventory.

Set a Budget
The most common problem that many people face when they are trying to win a car from an auction is that they pay too much money for the vehicle. This can be frustrating. The easiest way to avoid overpaying for the vehicle is to measure its cost to the value that it will provide. For dealers, this means looking at the cost of purchasing and transporting the vehicle to the dealership, compared with the amount of money that the vehicle will probably sell for. For individuals, this could be the amount of money the car costs compared with the value for which it can be used, for instance the amount of money that it will help a person make at work. Also remember that if yours is the winning bid, then auction fees will need to be paid, as well as taxes. Set a budget and stick to it. [Read more...]

Finding Unexpected Items in Cars Won From an Auction

carsFinding unexpected items in cars won from an auction is usually something that you expect. Small trinkets, old jackets and novels are items that you can keep or throw away. But if you find a more expensive item or find something that may be of sentimental value to someone else, you may feel the need to contact the previous owner of the car. You may also want to contact the previous owner of any car that you purchase if there are items in the car that require a license, especially if the items may have been reported lost or stolen.

Finding Registered Items

Anytime that you purchase a car at an auction, the items inside the car are technically yours to keep. If you find something that may have been reported stolen, it is best to contact the previous owner or a local organization such as the police to determine what you need to do with the item. For example, if you purchase a car with a weapon that has been fitted with assault rifle optics like these at or you may need to find out if the weapon or the best rifle scopes for the money themselves have been reported stolen.

Some things to know about finding expensive or potentially registered items in cars from an auction includes:

  • Some states have laws that require weapons within the state be registered, while other states require no documentation regarding the sale of a weapon from one individual to another. To determine your local laws, you may try visiting a local firearms dealer. Contacting your local police office will help you learn whether items such s jewelry have been reported stolen or lost.
  • Make sure to keep your receipt from the sale of the car and a copy of the original title in order to prove that you purchased the items inside the car legally.
  • Other items that may have been reported stolen include jewelry, electronic devices such as mobile phones and tools.

Ultimately, it is your decision whether you want to keep the item or contact the previous owner or authorities about the legality of the item, but remember that you are responsible for possessing the items if they have been reported stolen.

Sentimental Items

Old photo albums, journals and keepsake mementos are all items that may have sentimental value to someone. It is not required to contact the previous owner, but you may wish to do so if you want to return the item. It is particularly nice to return an item that may have been overlooked when cleaning the car for auction. For example, a photo album wedged under the seats of the car may be important to the previous owner. You can usually find the name and address of the previous owner through the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state or on the car’s title.